Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally Resilient Creatives

A life of creativity doesn't always occur by choice and it can be both a gift and a struggle. Contrary to romanticised and public-facing perceptions, the glamorous and worry-free representations in the media are rarely the full reality, no matter how much someone has 'made it'.

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Portrait of Reverend Peterson

My vocation is to help creatives thrive both professionally and personally. I advise on company policy, conflict resolution, cultivating empathetic working cultures and provide pastoral care.

My consultancy provides support for both creatives and the wider teams who work alongside them. Healthy environments and relationships are built upon successful connections.

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Portrait of Reverend Peterson

More About Peterson

Affectionately known as 'The Rev', Peterson's lifetime interest in the arts led to him founding a charity exclusively supporting the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing on the creative industries. Based in Soho, London and stretching out to creatives from all over the world, Peterson has worked with over 3000 creatives to date.

For the last 15 years, Peterson has spent thousands of hours listening to and providing a safe space for creatives from every corner of the industry. From meetings on private jets with Hollywood names to freelancers and corporate teams, he has a unique understanding of the critical issues facing the industry and a clear and tangible compassion for the people at its heart.

As an independent consultant, Peterson works with CEO’s, stakeholders, companies and individuals utilising a compassion-led approach. Away from typical modalities, utilising specialised associates, he supports the creative industries to effectively address the many issues including; mental health, diversity & inclusion, negative/pressurised working environments, the effects of cancel culture etc to really raise the bar for genuine and healthy relationships via a model of pastoral care support from a position of empathy, boundaries and authenticity.

Peterson's credentials include work with the Creative Industries Federation (now Creative UK), The Lord Mayor's Trust, partnership proposals/collaboration with The Old Vic and fashion houses and he has been featured in The Time, FT, Telegraph, Evening Standard as appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC One’s Sunday Morning, BBC News and Panorama.

My approach

Following years of work with creatives, teams and corporations, the elements creating the biggest impact require someone with a real understanding of the dynamics at play. Current models focus on mental health awareness but there is little specific to the industry and even less in terms of practical workable solutions with long-term sustainable outcomes. It is time to do more than just educate, it’s time to start doing.

Portrait of Reverend Peterson

Consultancy Offer


On-site pastoral care teams

Confidential support for individuals, uphold company policies and provide mental health and emotional wellbeing in environments such as film/TV sets, docuseries/reality TV participants, music video locations, events etc

Pastoral care sits between traditional therapy and befriending services. It is a form of relationship building that is authentic and professional, where our teams are able to give meaningful support whilst gaining a holistic view of how teams and individuals are experiencing both their personal and professional lives. It is entirely confidential but does enable to the team to make key recommendations and provide further services specific to the business.


Creative programme for senior executive teams

This utilises a blend of professional approaches and can be anything from vision and strategy days to change management support. Usually on-site or close by a key element of this work is taking time to look at the journey so far so everyone has context for the issues being faced.


Individual/group retreat development programmes

This is our most experiential programme. We have access to unique remote locations around the world where dislocation from the 'home' environment for individuals and teams enables us to intensively address concerns by creating space and bringing in a specialist team. This ranges from intensive mental health intervention for individuals, to teams who need a real change of scene and pace to work towards their proposed professional requirements.

Portrait of Lucy

Business partner - Lucy Shaw

Lucy is a psychologist with years of experience within the creative industries and personal development & wellbeing sectors. Supporting Peterson with a wide range of specialist associates, her passion is bringing the best combination of people together to address the needs of each organisation/individual. Lucy has a core interest in the impact of the industry on individuals and families and has conducted research on the experiences of women in leadership across a range of professions.

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  • "Peterson is the most empathetic person of the thousands of people I have met in my life. Peterson has an electric and intuitive understanding of human nature and interactions, in psychological terms he can see round corners and he understands the mind of creatives better than anyone."

    Roy Ackerman - Head Of Documentary Films - The Othrs New York

  • "Peterson has great psychological insight and emotional generosity. His experience in counselling creative people has given him deep understanding of the ways in which a culture can become toxic and the practical steps to turn this around and support people to do their best work. At a time when there is huge focus on the importance of mental health, his work is more needed than ever."

    Anne Morrison - CEO Nevision, Former Chair of BAFTAS - London

  • "As an artist and a creative, it’s very easy to get locked into a lonely state of negativity or fear and I find Peterson has the unique key to release and help us grow and progress both personally and professionally."

    Trudy Bellinger - Director and Producer, EMI's Former Head of Affairs and Creative Videos - Los Angeles

  • "I can and I will thoroughly recommend Peterson to all and sundry. I have witnessed Peterson help and guide people through some of the most traumatic events of their lives, and seen first hand the difference that support has made to them."

    Janice Sutherland - Award winning Director/Series Producer and BAFTAS Nominee - London

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